First Day at Office

Working at a place for the first time in life is a great experience for everyone. Whether it an easy or a complicated job, first day at work has contributed some unforgettable memories to everyone. At Workspace Infotech Limited my first day was amazing because of the office and the employers who works there. At the beginning Upoma apu showed me the whole office and she introduce with everyone. After that Upoma apu showed me the activities what I had to do. They were very friendly to me. At the working time everyone could gossip with each other which an employee cannot be bored. At the lunch we had biriyani, I heard that every Friday they cook delicious foods for all the members and amazing thing is all foods are homemade. Arnob vaiya was very funny and friendly who were very smart at programming too. I saw that all employers could work at their sweet will, because the environment was very comfortable to everyone. Each person has a personal desk and computer with headphones and other accessories which could not bother to anyone if anyone listen to the video or anything else. At the break time me went out with all the member for took tea. The all office member are very friendly and alike family to each other. Because of that they could share each problems at the working time. Overall Workspace Infotech Limited has a very friendly office environment for employees.

Romana Tabassom

Post by Upoma Ahmed

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