My first-day office in Workspace Infotech Limited

Hello everyone.

After completing studies, I am desperate to get an Intern. I got chance in the Workspace Infotech Limited as an Intern. After getting intern, I have an unknown fear about the workplace. When I got my joining date, I was very happy. But as the date came nearer, I was a bit nervous. Many questions occupied my brain like how will be the atmosphere of the office, will I be able to adjust with the colleagues, will I be able to work well and completer targets, etc.

When I joined the office, on the first day at office, I was little tensed till got acquainted with the workplace and co-workers. But all the employees of Workspace is too much friendly and the office environment is also good. This is my first work experience and I am feeling very proud to be a member of Workspace Infotech.

I came in at about 10am on the first day and workspace welcomed me. I got a desk and my colleague would help me get started. My supervisor Sarwar vaia is very friendly. Everyone is very helpful. So I enjoyed my first day 10 to 7 office. Hope I can do very well. Everyone will bless me.

Rajesh Saha

Post by Upoma Ahmed

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