My First Day At Office

First day at office is always special. Joining in new office is always exciting and confusing for every fresher. As per me, though I have a little bit knowledge on professional software firm, but WSIT is much more bigger than my previous company, so I was also excited,confused and frightened.

My call time was 10.00 AM. As I live quite far from office so I came 20 minutes before. One of my seniors told me to sit  in the reception. I was waiting. Mr. Rony told me to wait for a while to setup my desk. After 10-15 minutes later he told me that my desk is ready and it is residing at first flore, They provide me mac mini to use. They provide me the password, bottle of water and other stuffs to use. Some of my colleagues came to me, and we were introduced. They told me to wait sometimes to talk to my supervisor. After sometimes my supervisor came to me and I wonder, he is the man to took my interview. He told me to wait for a while, and I waited almost 2 hours. Than one of my senior Mr. Sarwar Shikder came to me and gave me a task to install a CMS and a theme and configure it. As I am new to Mac so first I need to learn how to setup the environment in mac. I was trapped in a issue and try to get help from others and I realize they are pretty much supportive. Then my supervisor came to me and make me understand what is the problem and  how to solve. I tried and it worked. My name, email and phone number has been taken from HR department and they provide me a new email and skype account for official use.

At 2 PM a lunch box was supplied from the office. After lunch My supervisor Mr. Muhammad Humayun Rony took me down to introduce me with other of my team members. At 7 PM I notify my supervisor that I have done my today’s task. He told me to contact with the man who gave me the task. I notify Rasel vaia that I  have done my task. He appreciated and told me that I may leave. After that I left office.

This is my first day at office. I am still discovering the company and the peoples. I feel this is quite enjoyable place to work who support each other and work together, enjoy together.

Post by Sudipta Das

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