My first day at office

As-salamu alaykum, I am Khalid Hasan Tahmid. I recently joined here as trainee jr software engineer. This is my first job so i was naturally excited for my first day experience.

16  September 2019, was my first day at office as a trainee. That was a very special day, a new chapter in my life has been opened. I was very eager to meet the peoples with whom i will be working. I am silent in nature. So meeting new people is very hard for me. But the peoples from office made meeting people so easy for me. Everyone is friendly and kind. Its was like meeting with family members rather then meeting new people. That was very comforting.

It fills me with joy that I will be working with such friendly people from now on. This is my first job,  so i am eager to learn new things and be much help to my colleagues.

As a human being I will also make mistakes. So please help me to become better person in life by pointing my mistakes, so that I can improve myself. Thank you everyone for being so helpful.

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