Samia’s First Day at Office

September 17, 2019

Upoma Ahmed



Before today I only heard about office life as an intern from my friends and cousins. Most of them describe it as a disaster. From their description, most senior colleagues are bossy and if you are from CSE background there is a big chance that they will tell you to repair their computer or printer and if you are from EEE background they will tell to repair fans or refrigerator. Even after hearing all these I was really excited about my first day as an intern.

Today, 16th September 2019, was my first day at office as an intern. I woke up at 5:22 am in the morning even before the alarm rang. Got ready and left home at 6:45. I had class at 8 but missed it for traffic. I was quite disappointed that I missed the first class. Then I went to my office. After spending the whole, now I am sharing my experience.

At first I would say that no one was bossy and no one told me to fix their computer or printer. Everyone was very friendly and nice. The environment was also very friendly and flexible. My senior Upoma apu was really sweet. She guided me through everything with good care. I got to meet with some great people. Specially Tanvir vaia who is really kind and supportive person.
Last but not the least, food was good too.

There is something I would like to share about me with everyone. I am a very introvert person. I struggle a lot to interact or communicate with others. It take a lot of time for me to get along with others. I am trying to overcome this issue. I think it is my biggest weakness. For this reason I always make bad first impression. And if I really did make a bad impression to anyone I apologize for it.

Thanks everyone for being so cooperative and making my first day in office a pleasant one. I really enjoyed it a lot.

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