My first day at office

Today I am going to talk about my first day at office. I just joined in Workspace-Infotech, my first job. So I was pretty excited. I woke up early in the morning at 7 AM and went through my daily routine (brushing teeth, eating breakfast, etc.). The office starts at 8 AM. So time went-by pretty quick. I reported at 8 AM to Humayun bhaiya. He told me to wait and go through my learning materials. At 9 am he invited me to a scrum meeting via Skype. Then he introduced me to my co-workers. All of them were very friendly and welcomed me cordially. I was in the wordpress development team. So he delegated me to the wordpress team and I was assigned some tasks by Sudipta bhaiya and Nazmul bhaiya. The task wasn’t that complicated but I got stuck in a portion. I went through some documentation and tutorials. Lerned some new terms and fixed the problem. But there were still some problems left, for which I asked help from my team. Nazmul bhaiya helped me solving the problems and briefed me about a client and taught me how they handles the tasks.

Overall it was a good first day. As I was working from home because of the pandemic, it didn’t feel any different from any regular day. I look forward to working in this company and gain valuable knowledge and experience.

Post by Asif Mahmud

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