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Germany is one of the most sought-after destinations for students worldwide because of multifarious factors that drive the interest of the youth. Starting from geographical settings, and cost-friendly lifestyle, to giving birth to multifarious career opportunities through placements, Germany is the powerhouse of higher education. The most interesting fact is that Germans are indifferent to different languages. Language is never a barrier when you plan to visit Germany, as this place has overcome language stereotypes with widespread usage of English course programs at both graduate and postgraduate levels. Furthermore, German Universities have played a significant role in making education accessible and placements simplified in renowned industries. From offering students a cultural shield, the institutions groom their well-being with the right lessons that lie beyond the classroom education. Among numerous countries propagating educational programs in the world, German educators take initiative towards improving student’s well-being which has become a major part of life.

UK, on the other hand, is another destination that students admire and aspire to pursue their chosen discipline to make an unparalleled career. Universities in the UK are highly regarded in the world for their faculty, multicultural environment, and lucrative courses that make students achieve milestones through group studies, class discussions, and creative assignments. From academic and faculty excellence to amazing education imparting, the UK offers access to outstanding placements, health benefits for students, and facilities to work while studying. This means you can balance your study and work-life without any of them being behind each other.

In this blog, you will learn about the Top 6 Master’s courses in project management in both Germany and the UK. Likewise, you can through the role of project management, its coursework benefits, and how studying in any of the top 6 Universities either in Germany or the UK would take you to incredible positions that you today admire.

What is Project Management and how will it impact your future?

Do you see yourself curating projects, or managing data, with a mind to brainstorm to bring out prominent solutions that can make an impact? If yes, then project management is your thing!

what is project managementThe project management degrees are interdisciplinary that is, they are based on the foundations of planning and managing of resources in an organisation, to attain certain future-proof goals.

Some top Universities offering project management courses are:

You can explore some top Universities in the UK and Germany to excel in Project Management. They impart you the coursework, prepare you for the industry, and make you stand ahead of others. From fetching a degree to having the experience to face the real-world industry, these institutions thrive to make you achieve things lying even beyond the precincts of the classroom.

University of Greenwich (Park Row, London): 1 year M.Sc. in Project Management

In this course, students acquire the knowledge of matching design and production to industry standards. The course modules cover a plethora of areas like development economics and planning, applied project management, risk management, technologies, and building integrated systems.


University of Strathclyde (Glasgow, United Kingdom): 18-month M.Sc. in Project Management

university of strathclydeThis degree is a collaboration of Strathclyde Business School and Italy’s MiP Politecnico di Milano. The students who pursue this course have the opportunity to experience a two-year study that has two semesters, one spent in Milan and the second at Strathclyde in Glasgow. It gives rise to immense career possibilities for students in the world of project management with robust knowledge flowing in.


University of Hertfordshire (Hatfield, United Kingdom): 1-year M.Sc. in Project Management

The University of Hertfordshire offers a 1-year Master of Science in Project Management that is accredited by the Association for Project Management. This specialised course offers solutions to tricky challenges with perpetual assessments to the students, ascertaining guest speaker sessions, networking opportunities, and strong industry exposures. After graduating from here, students get a chance to work in leadership roles namely, project planners, controllers, and senior project managers in affluent companies.

(Erfurt) : 3 Semesters/ MBA in Project Management

The biggest fact why you should be aiming for Munich is that it is known as the economic power station. This way, IU becomes a go-getter for all the students who see themselves bringing businesses into life, as a career. If you are looking forward to pursuing an MBA in Project Management, then what could be more ideal than making it to the popular IU International University of Applied Sciences, which consists of 3 semesters in total. In this course, you can manifest innovations, handle the dynamic business world, examine and evaluate risks, resolve project management issues, and build advanced hacks for business success. By incorporating affluent experience in business ventures, you attain the confidence to face the challenging environments of the biggest MNCs or seamless start-ups.

EU Business School (Munich): 2 Semesters/ MBA in Project Management

Apply for an MBA in Project Management to mark a flourishing career in business in Munich. Grab the opportunity of overcoming the biggest business issues, learning tactics to deal with the greatest industry demands, apply innovative skills to mitigate risks, and perform the best project management mechanisms. Studying an MBA in EU Business School gives you exposure to a sustainable living environment, learn from the most experienced faculty, gain immense knowledge and get your hands-on diverse opportunities from sports, adventures, international education tours, and entertainment.

Arden University Berlin : 1 Year/ M.Sc. in Project Management

arden university berlinSince its inception in the year 1990, Arden University has been offering high-quality degree programs. From 2018, Arden University Berlin has reached milestones by directing its focus on building a prodigy out of ambitious aspirants who wish to practice project management ahead of time. If you think out of the box and yearn to yield fascinating exposures where you can have a dream job after practicing data handling, decision-making, project analytics, and mastering quality management, then Arden is the place you have been looking for. Explore the lucrative course of M.Sc. in project management from Arden University, Berlin.


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